TikTakt for iPhone lets you conduct a virtual orchestra

I’ve not yet tried to get my sons into classical music, being more focused on persuading them to dance to Pendulum. I know it’s wrong…

However, TikTakt is a marvellously quirky app for iPhone that could be a sleeper hit among parents looking to give their children a more highbrow musical education.

It’s described in the App Store blurb as “a small orchestra that performs according to your conducting”.

That’s right: you’re the conductor of the 3D musician characters, shaking your iPhone or iPod touch to get them to perform famous pieces by Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss and Gounod.

Four are preloaded, and you can buy additional songs by Beethoven, Ravel and Bach using in-app payments.

“If you have a relaxed feeling today, the orchestra may play slowly,” continues the description. “Also if you command fastly to them, the orchestra’s performance will become rhythmically.”

It’s not specifically an app for kids, but that’s why it may go down well, especially if they enjoy the music.

TikTakt is the sort of thing you’d imagine working best as a game for Nintendo’s Wii console, but I think it’s worth a look on iPhone too.

App Store Link: TikTakt ($3.99 / £2.39)

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