Get beastly with Monster Maker HD for iPad

It seems to be Monster Day on the App Store, presumably because of Halloween coming up. Monster Meter lets you prove there are no monsters in your child’s bedroom, but Monster Maker HD goes the other way, and lets them create their own.

It’s quite simple: choose a body, then drag eyes, mouth, tail and hair onto it, before saving the results to your Photo Library.

There are eight monster bodies to choose from, along with a decent selection of bits to stick on them. To an adult, it may feel a bit limiting – I was tempted to compare it to the Creature Creator in PC game Spore, which had a huge array of options.

However, for a child, less may be more – there’s enough choice to keep them occupied, but not too much to paralyse their decision-making.

App Store Link: Monster Maker HD ($0.99 / £0.59)

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