Disney’s Handy Manny gets a pair of iOS apps

Handy Manny is a Disney character? I’m guessing he has yet to break big here in the UK then, as he’s new to me. Looking at the screenshots to his new iOS apps, it seems he appears on the Playhouse Disney channel though.

Anyway, those of us who are new to Manny’s charms can now get to know him on iPhone or iPad. Disney has launched a pair of apps – Handy Manny Flicker’s Flashcard Fiesta and Handy Manny Workshop – which each come in a choice of iPhone or iPad version. More on that later.

Handy Manny Flicker’s Flashcard Fiesta is a language-learning app featuring voices from the show, and themes including Animals, Play, Food, Household Objects, Tools and Numbers.

Meanwhile, Handy Manny Workshop offers five different activities, including hunting for missing tools, memory-matching, making virtual puzzles, colouring in scenes and singing the ‘Hop Up, Jump In’ song.

It looks good, with decent production values. However, it seems strange that each app is offered in two separate versions, rather than as Universal apps usable across iPhone and iPad. If you only own one of the devices, you won’t mind, but if you have both, you may balk at paying twice for the same content.

App Store Link: Handy Manny Flicker’s Flashcard Fiesta (iPhone / iPad) – $2.99 / £1.79
App Store Link: Handy Manny Workshop (iPhone / iPad) – $2.99 / £1.79

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