Santa and the North Pole? There’s an app for that…

Update: There’s a brand new Portable North Pole app for Christmas 2012!

AND it’s portable. iPNP claims to be the Portable North Pole (hence the acronym), and offers a grab-bag of Christmas-themed activities for kids.

So, that includes a virtual advent calendar, a countdown of the days until Christmas, and a pseudo-radar showing where your child is in relation to Santa’s Village.

(Warning, this may lead to some awkward questions when you bump into a Santa at your local shopping centre).

However, there’s also a Video Player section with a range of clips of Santa explaining his ‘secrets’.

The core of the app is My List, where children are encouraged to write, record or take photos of what they want for Christmas. As a parent, you can then transfer all this to a ‘consolidated shopping list’.

A nice idea, although this won’t be the only list-making app to be released in the run-up to Christmas, for sure.

App Store Link: iPNP (Free)

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