Baby Musician app puts you in charge of an animal orchestra

You can’t argue with an app that features a frog playing the tuba, a koala hammering the piano, and a chicken sawing away on a violin. Especially not when it’s as cute as Baby Musician.

The app is available in iPhone and iPad versions, and puts your child in charge of an animal orchestra. They control when each musician plays, with songs including London Bridge, Jingle Bells and Twinkle Twinkle.

The idea is to provide something fun, while also teaching them the names of some popular instruments, via mini flash cards that pop up when the musician is tapped.

It’s simple, but has cute visuals and plenty of scope for updates in the future, with new tunes and/or animals. Free Lite versions are available to try before you buy.

App Store Link: Baby Musician (£1.19)
App Store Link: Baby Musician HD (£1.79)

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