Pocoyo and Friends get an iPad colouring book-app

A confession: I’m only aware of Pocoyo and his mates because my son was given a book featuring them. I’ve never actually seen the TV show itself. However, they all look friendly and there’s a duck, so it’s fine by me.

Anyway, if you’re more clued-up on the series, you might be interested in new iPad app Coloring with Pocoyo and Friends. It follows the template laid down by other colouring book-apps on Apple’s tablet, with a range of black’n’white images ready to be filled in by tracing fingers on the touchscreen.

Finished pictures can be sent by email to friends, and there’s an option to colour in sections with a single touch, which will be handy for younger kids with less patience.

App Store Link: Coloring with Pocoyo and Friends (£1.19)

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