Disney launches Finding Nemo iPhone and iPad puzzle app

Remember the time when every child in the world seemed to want a couple of fish to match the central characters in Disney’s Finding Nemo movie? If your child still carries a candle for those fishy friends, Disney has good news for you: a new iPhone and iPad app called Finding Nemo: My Puzzle Book.

The storyline is based around Nemo’s first day at school, and sees Marlin searching for him, while completing puzzles along the way. There’s a story too, which can be read to you and your child, or re-recorded using your own voices.

There is also a rewards system, with ‘fish tank treasures’ to collect as you progress through the storyline putting virtual jigsaws together. I’m not sure it’ll hold the attention as long as the Toy Story 3 app, but for fans of Finding Nemo, this will be an obvious download to grab.

App Store Link: Finding Nemo: My Puzzle Book (59p)

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