WhatDoTheyLikeEating mixes animals and education

According to its App Store description, WhatDoTheyLikeEating is “a love exploration of animal world”. Which frankly doesn’t sound like the sort of app Apple would approve. Don’t worry: no mating monkeys or frisky flamingos here. This app is all about animals and eating. You may, admittedly, have guessed that from the title.

Anyway, it’s a bilingual app for iPhone and iPad with English and Chinese. The app serves up 100 catoon animals, complete with their English and Chinese names written and read out. And your child has to match them with their favourite food.

I’ll warn you, it’s a bit tricky in places. Panda and bamboo, yes. Brown bear and apple, fair enough. Tortoise and… Scolopendra? Well, if your child can say Scolopendra in Chinese, it’ll certainly give their teacher something to ask you about on parents evening…

WhatDoTheyLikeEating may appeal most to Chinese-English or Chinese-American parents who want to bring their children up bilingual, but the idea of matching animals to food is a good one, so the app may find an audience beyond that too.

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