BigLittleBrother iPad book-app could help with sibling rivalry

Two of us run Apps Playground, and we were both older siblings in our respective families. That means we’re well aware of the joys and annoyances of having a younger brother (me) or sister (Alice) in childhood. New iPad book-app BigLittleBrother puts them into an interactive form.

Released by Minnesota Historical Society Press, it’s aimed at 3-7 year-olds, and is the work of author Kevin Kling and illustrator Chris Monroe. The main character’s experience is summarised thus on the App Store:

“The narrator of Big Little Brother wants nothing more than to escape his brother’s sticky fingers. Then an encounter at the Old Woman in the Shoe play area involving a bully, a plastic turkey, and his big, little brother teaches him that a pesky younger sibling can actually be a pal.”

There’s audio narration, as well as interactivity in the illustrations: your child can actually get their hands on the turkey to put it in the oven (although if it’s plastic, we’re not sure how good an idea that is).

At £6.99, BigLittleBrother is relatively expensive compared to a lot of book-apps aimed at children. Then again, if your kids are suffering from intense sibling rivalry and this can help them, it’ll be money well spent!

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