Crayola Paint & Create iPad app makes colourful debut

A few months ago, gadget firm Griffin Technology released an iPad app called Crayola ColorStudio HD, based on the famous crayon brand. It was partnered by a stylus accessory shaped like a big crayon, designed for scribbling on the iPad screen.

Crayola Paint & Create is the second app designed to work with that accessory, with more than 40 games, puzzles, mazes, dot-to-dots, and colour-by-number drawings to complete using virtual pencils, crayons, marker pens and paintbrushes.

While the games and activities all guide your child to their goal, there’s also the option to simply scrawl on a blank sheet of virtual paper. Everything can be emailed, printed or shared on a proud parent’s Facebook page.

The app costs £1.99, but the ‘iMarker’ accessory will cost another £27 or so if you buy it online.

Personally, I’m torn between admiration for the technology and the quality of the app, and the sneaking feeling that perhaps kids shouldn’t need a crayon-shaped peripheral for iPad art. Isn’t the point that they can paint with their fingers on the touchscreen?

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