Doodlecast app turns your child’s drawings into videos

Many kids are born commentators, keen to talk their parents and teachers through whatever they’re doing at the time. Our eldest son is like that with drawing – possibly because he’s used to watching TV presenters like Mister Maker explain his artworks as step-by-step processes.

Doodlecast for Kids is a new iPhone and iPad app that taps into this exact behaviour. It gets your children to draw pictures on the touchscreen, while talking about what they’re doing (or singing, or shouting at their siblings, or… you get the point). It records what’s happening on screen, as well as an audio feed from the device’s microphone.

Then it turns this into a video of up to three minutes, which can then be exported and shared via email, Facebook, YouTube and other means. It’s fun, but developer Zinc Roe suggests it could also be a teaching aid: “Everything from practicing counting and letters to talking about feelings”. The app costs £1.49 on the App Store.

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