Antique ABCs app gives alphabet-learning a 19th Century spin

How familiar are your children with the work of 19th Century German lithographer Joseph Martin Kronheim? Not at all? Shame on you! You’ll be shunned at the next NCT meet-up…

Okay, it’s fair to say that Kronheim isn’t up there with Spot the Dog or The Gruffalo in the ‘sells lots of books to parents’ stakes. But new iPhone and iPad app Antique ABCs could see his work finding a new (and very young) audience.

The idea: Kronheim’s hand-engraved alphabet prints have been turned into a letter-learning iOS app, with a different illustration for each letter. There’s a song to introduce them, and a pair of modes – Spinner and Shuffle – to make the process of learning the alphabet a bit more fun than simply looking at cards.

The iPhone version costs £1.49 and the iPad version is £2.49 – our only quibble is that it would be nice to pay one price for a Universal version of the app that runs across both. Still, we can see this appealing hugely to anyone with a typographical bent who has kids – but also to parents who don’t know their vintage lithographs from their Comic Sans.

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