Sleepy Mole’s Moving Day goes underground for iPad

We were really impressed by developer Ginger Whale’s The Greebley Greebley book-app, with its story revolving around a monster created anew each time by your child. Now the company has a new app out that looks equally interesting: Sleepy Mole’s Moving Day.

This time, it’s a tired mole who’s the central character. It’s part story and part maze-puzzle, as you guide him to one of eight homes, meeting up to 16 animals along the way. The idea is that the story is different every time your child works through it.

The educational angle is learning about animals who live in burrows, while the developer promises “sleepy music” throughout, which could make this a good pre-bedtime book-app when winding your kids down for the night.

It’s iPad-only, and costs £1.99 on the App Store.

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