Dr. Seuss Band app is cool for cats (in hats)

Whatever Dr. Seuss book you think of – from the most famous to the most obscure – there’s probably a book-app for it from Oceanhouse Media. Now the company is branching out with something different: a musical Seuss app.

It’s called Dr. Seuss Band, and costs 69p (for now – it’s an introductory price) for a universal app that runs across iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The idea: your child plays along to a selection of 10 Seussian songs, or makes up their own tunes on the fly.

The virtual instruments are all of the horn variety: trumpet, french horn, clarinet, trombone and flute. They can be tweaked with sound effects too, including a fish bowl and a train whistle – items you’ll recognise from some of the best-known Dr. Seuss books.

The main mode is a game with scores, but if that feels a bit stressful for your child, you can just let them tootle in the Free Play mode. Playing the game mode unlocks new songs, horns and effects, which is where some after-bedtime play from parents may come in handy. You can buy the unlockables via in-app purchase if you can’t wait, though.

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