Squeebles iPad app teaches your children their times tables

When I was young, I had a cracking Mr Men cassette that taught multiplication through a mixture of voice-narrated stories, and times tables seemingly sung by the choir from Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall. It’s not available nowadays, which is a shame.

The Squeebles may make up for that though. They’re a cutesy colourful bunch of monsters that star in KeyStageFun’s range of education apps, including Times Tables: Squeebles for iPad.

It’s a multiplication game with several difficulty and game modes that sees your child – and we’re talking primary-school children here, mainly – learning their times tables while rescuing Squeebles from “the nasty Maths Monster”. Earn enough stars from playing, and they rescue all 24 of the little fellas.

Got a brood? Not a problem: up to four children can be registered with their own profiles on one iPad. At 69p, it’s something of a bargain. Note, the same developer has separate iPhone apps for times tables, division and basic addition, which are also worth checking out.

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