The 10 best iPhone and iPad apps for kids in February 2012

We’re starting a new regular post that’ll pick out our 10 favourite apps from the last month – and bear in mind we only write about apps that we think are great, so these really are the cream of the crop.

In February’s selection, we’ve got a mixture of well-known brands and all-new characters. Read on for the picks, which are in no particular order. And click on the links to see why we loved them.

Oh Say Can You Say Di-No-Saur?
This is the latest Dr. Seuss book-app from Oceanhouse Media, with more of an educational emphasis as The Cat in the Hat and friends introduce your kids to a range of Jurassic creatures.
iPhone / iPad

Toca House
Swedish developer Toca Boca is a firm favourite here, and its new Toca House app has more fun than ever: 19 mini-games that turn domestic chores into fun touchscreen activities for your kids.
iPhone / iPad

The Land of Me: Story Time
The Land of Me was nominated for a BAFTA award in its previous form for PC, but now it’s on iPad. Its not just about reading a story, but changing it by choosing heroes, themes and even words.
iPad 2 only

Playful Minds: Math (5-8 Years Old)
Gameloft has managed to turn educational kid-apps into a subscription service: more than 300 maths exercises as mini-games, with social elements for your children to compete against their friends.
iPhone / iPad

Makego is the latest innovative attempt to extend app-play into the real world. It turns your iPhone into a virtual vehicle, ready to be placed on top of some Lego wheels and driven around the floor.

Peppa Me Books
Peppa Pig returns to the App Store with a marvellous Me Books app where your children can record their own snorts and voices to replace the voice narration. A number of stories can be bought in-app.
iPhone / iPad

Miffy’s Garden
Cutesy bunny Miffy joins the App Store rush, with her first book-app. Actually, it’s as much about activities as reading, whether digging the soil in Miffy’s garden, planting seeds or pulling up carrots.
iPad only

The Lion King: Timon’s Tale
Disney has a brand new book-app for The Lion King: “You’ll roar with King Mufasa, snatch grubs with Timon, draw with Rafiki, swing with Pumbaa, and much more.” Hakuna Matata IS included too.
iPhone / iPad

I Am a Child: Just Like You
This book-app is about a boy called Mason with Asperger’s syndrome, explaining how he sees the world. Aimed at all ages, it’s a sensitive attempt to foster understanding of these children.
iPhone / iPad

Here’s a fun idea: create a range of animals from the letters of their names, including Lion, Dog and Horse. But your children can also dream up their own creatures in the app’s sandbox mode.
iPad only

Those are our picks, but what new apps for kids have you loved in the last month? Let us know by posting a comment.

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