Fun new book-apps: My Little Geek, My Dad’s Bald Head and Leonard

March 2012 has been a very good month for interesting new kid-apps: we’re only halfway through and we’ve already written about 26. Today is particularly busy on the App Store, so here’s a three-in-one post on some fun-looking book-apps we didn’t want to miss.

First, My Little Geek. It’s a neat-looking alphabet app focused on all things geek, from Android to Zombie. “Imagine the joy of hearing your two year old chatting away about his holographic ninja or time traveling joystick,” explains its App Store listing.

Marvellously, ‘L’ is for L337. Your kids can tilt the device to interact with the characters, and tap words to hear them read out. It’s a Universal app and costs £1.99.

Second up is My Dad’s Bald Head, a free book-app for iPad that does what it says on the tin: tells the tale of a slaphead father. A separate iPhone version is also available.

“No special effects or animation, just a sweet & funny book,” explains its listing, although there is narration. The wordplay looks promising: “Only my dad has no hair, Looks like a balloon filled with air…”

Finally, there’s Leonard, an iPad book-app from a developer called Ink Robin that’s already optimised for the new iPad’s Retina display – impressive work, as the device goes on sale today. Don’t worry, it works fine on older models too.

The story focuses on Leonard – “a small kid with a giant imagination” – as he looks for new friends. “Squish bugs in the deep dark forest (so Leonard doesn’t have to), go on safari, and meet some fantastic fish (but look out for the whale)” It costs £2.49.

There’s something a bit quirky and characterful about all three apps, so if you’re looking for something different this weekend, they’re worth a look.

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