Get colouring with the Chipmunks new iPhone app

The revival of Alvin and the Chipmunks as a well-loved children’s brand baffles me, but then I never saw the Smurfs’ comeback coming. Anyway, Alvin and his toothy chums are back with a film called Chipwrecked, complete with a spin-off iPhone app.

It’s called Chipwrecked: Coloring with the Chipmunks, and the title gives the main activity away: digital colouring. The idea being that your child chooses characters from the film, sticks them onto different backgrounds, and then colours the images in.

The results can be saved to the iPhone’s Camera Roll, and printed from within the app if you have a printer that works with Apple’s AirPrint wireless technology. This being a promotional app – the film’s Blu-ray disc edition is just coming out – it’s also free to download.

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