Monster Time app tells the time. With monsters.

It took a while, but our children are finally getting interested in clocks and telling the time. Not that it’s making much of a difference to the 5.30am wake-up call. Well, I say ‘call’. More ‘shouting, jumping and fighting’.

Anyway, we were very impressed by an iOS app called Hickory Dickory Dock last year, which made learning to tell the time fun and interactive. Now it’s got competition in the form of Monster Time.

Developed by Myello Digital, it aims to teach your children how to tell the time through five colourful monsters. “They’ve packed their digital and analogue clocks, (complete with octopus tentacle hands), and are all set to help you on your way,” as the App Store listing puts it.

Each character comes with their own exercises, and your kids unlock photos of the monsters as they progress. These can then be printed to colour in, providing a neat link to the real, physical-pens’n’paper world. We like the cut of its jib on the graphics front too: the monsters are suitably monstery, without scaring younger children.

Monster Time costs 69p on the App Store, and runs across iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – you only have to pay once.

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