Pete’s Robot loses its ‘heartdrive’ on iPhone and iPad

Sometimes we catch a glimpse of a new app while flicking through our App Store RSS feeds, and its artwork leaps out at us. Pete’s Robot, a new book-app from Heartdrive Media, is one of those.

It’s a book-app about a boy named Pete, who builds a robot. “Pete builds and builds all day and all night until he is finished, except he forgets the most important part…the robot’s heartdrive! The robot goes crazy and takes off into town, causing all sorts of silly mischief…”

The app has 30 animated pages, with background music and a choice of three voice narrators. It looks like good, knockabout fun for kids and parents looking beyond the obvious book brands on the App Store.

Pete’s Robot costs £1.99 and is a Universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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