Amazing Maths Toddler for Kids HD has your iPad’s number

Two things that Apps Playground is really rather keen on: cartoon animals, and apps that spell maths with an ‘s’ on the end. We’re patriotic like that…

So, Amazing Maths Toddler for Kids HD, then. It has animals, and it has an ‘s’, which gets it into our good books.

It’s an app for helping your children in their early days of learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, with hundreds of rounds of tests to work through.

It looks good fun, with colourful, bold graphics and a star-based reward system. It’s iPad only, and costs £2.49 on the App Store. Which, if you’re wondering, is £1.99 plus £0.50…

★Great way for kids to learn math drills the fun way. Let them become very good at calculation, an important life skill.
★Easy to control by choosing correct answers to the questions
★Great encouragement will pop up when kids get a right answer, which makes your children addict to learning math.
★Babies love learning with lovely cartoon friends and colorful pictures
★Sound music makes babies more exciting

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