Me to You: Colour and Sticker Fun gets arty with Tatty Teddy

Colouring and sticking go hand-in-hand for many children: first they scribble on the white table-top with crayons, then they cover it in glue and random tat. Or is that just ours?

Me to You: Colour and Sticker Fun is significantly less messy, you’ll be pleased to hear. The colouring and sticking are virtual, overseen by a character called Tatty Teddy – who may well be familiar from greetings cards, plush toys and a range of other real-world merchandise.

Here, your kids are colouring him in, and then turning the results into digital stickers to paste onto virtual scenery. The results can be emailed, printed and shared, and the app costs £1.49 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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