Press Here book-app looks dotty fun on iPhone and iPad

Hervé Tullet’s Press Here has been a runaway hit in its print edition – 30 weeks and counting on the New York Times Best Sellers chart, apparently. Now it’s been turned into an iOS app by publisher Chronicle Books.

The idea: 15 mini-games and activities based around colourful dots. Your children will be bumping them into one another to make sounds, drawing roads, launching fireworks, tilting dots around the screen, drawing pictures and playing tabletop hockey, to name a few.

“Screen-poking tots and fun-loving adults alike will giggle with delight as the dots multiply, change direction, and grow in size,” promises its App Store listing.

The app is available in two separate versions: one for iPhone costing 69p, and one for iPad costing £1.49. A bit of a shame that it’s not a Universal app to run across all your iOS devices, but at less than £2.20 for the pair, it’s still a bargain for what looks like a fun, well-crafted app.

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