Titanic becomes a colourful iPad iBook for kids

Did you know it’s the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking this year? Of course you did: it’s been inescapable. But a lot of the coverage of the anniversary has been aimed at adults. Now DK has an impressive iBook aimed at a younger audience.

iBook? Yes, Titanic is being sold on Apple’s iBooks store for iPad, rather than its App Store. That’s not to say it’s flat text and pictures though. The e-book includes a 3D stroll along the deck of the Titanic, video footage of the ship being built and launched, and even distress calls from the night it sank.

There’s a map showing the voyage, nine photo albums and DK’s signature cutaway illustrations to help your children get a sense of how the Titanic was before its icy end. It’s well worth a look at £3.99.

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