Jon-E Bionic brings interactive colouring to Apple iBooks

There’s some interesting things happening in the world of children’s iBooks on Apple devices, with titles that adopt some of the features we’re more used to in iPhone and iPad apps.

In April, we wrote about DK’s Titanic, which included a 3D stroll along the deck of the Titanic, video footage of the ship being built and launched, and even distress calls from the night it sank. Now it’s been joined on the iBooks Store by Jon-E Bionic.

It’s described as an “activity comic and coloring book”, telling the tale of a bunch of cyber-chums as they try to rescue a character called ‘Professor Books’.

On one level, it’s a picture-book, but the interactivity includes colouring in characters and scenes, playing connect-the-dots, and assembling pieces of the crew’s Deton8 ship, puzzle stylee. Animation, sound effects and voice narration from actor Corey Burton are thrown in for good measure.

Jon-E Bionic is free to download from the iBooks app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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