Pete the Cat gets jam today on iPhone and iPad

Hurrah for HarperCollins: the book publisher has been releasing some creative, innovative book-apps in recent months, and Pete the Cat: School Jam is the latest example.

The story focuses on a dog called Bob… Okay, sorry, no. A cat named Pete, who’s looking for his guitar so he can play at a school concert. The plot sees your child looking for hidden objects in various scenes, with the items changing each time to keep things fresh.

Finishing the book unlocks a School Jam game, which looks a bit like Guitar Hero, tapping guitar strings in time to the music. Plus there’s a nifty augmented reality feature: if you point your iPhone or iPad’s camera at a physical Pete the Cat book, a virtual Pete pops up playing his guitar.

The illustrations are rather marvellous, and in this week of release the app costs just 69p as an introductory offer.

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