Storypanda ‘makes kids’ stories collaborative’ on iPad

There have been a few apps recently that try to get children creating their own stories rather than just reading those by authors. Doodle Tales, Little Riding Hood, Draw and Tell and the Collins Big Cat apps being some good examples.

Storypanda is the latest addition to that list. It’s a free app for iPad which aims to “make kids’ stories collaborative” according to its website. It’s just launched in a public beta.

Your child can read stories within the app – it will include a mixture of paid and free books, updated every month – or they can create their own by tweaking characters, backgrounds and the storylines themselves.

All this can then be shared on the ‘Storypanda Network’ for others to read – a feature similar to Doodle Tales.

The stories provided in the app look good, so there’s clearly some potential for creativity here. We’re going to have a good play with Storypanda to see how it shapes up against the competition.

Here’s a demo video showing how it works:

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