Beastly creativity with iLuv Drawing Monsters HD for iPad

The App Store listing for this puts it well: “Learning to draw monsters will boost imagination, creativity and confidence in your budding artists.” They also look good on the fridge!

No, iLuv Drawing Monsters HD looks great fun. It’s an iPad app that promises 20 ways to draw monsters, colouring and decorating them as you go.

The drawing works by tracing over templates, so your child doesn’t already have to be a dab hand with a (virtual) pencil to have fun. Voice instructions explain how it all works, and then there are backgrounds, textures and digital stickers to make the monsters prettier.

Once done, images can be saved – and then shared – or printed out. And if your children start to tire of the monster-drawing action, there are three previous iLuv Drawing apps to try, covering people, animals and Santa.

iLuv Drawing Monsters HD costs 69p, and is iPad-only.

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