Talking Tom Cat returns in Tom Loves Angela app

The Talking Friends series of apps – spearheaded by Talking Tom Cat – has generated more than 360m downloads, with well over 100m people using them every month.

The apps are particularly popular with children, which is why the latest – Tom Loves Angela – will have many parents heading to the App Store. It’s available in two separate versions, one for iPhone and one for iPad, costing 69p and £1.99 respectively.

As its title makes clear, romance is a key part of this new app, with Talking Tom wooing fellow feline Angela by talking to her on a balcony. You play the Cyrano de Bergerac role in this, talking into the mic so he can repeat your words.

Buttons let Tom give Angela gifts, or sing a professional-sounding love song with her. Tom’s foe Ginger also turns up every so often to spoil his thunder. There’s also a text-chat mode where you type in sentences, and Angela speaks her replies – one for older children who’ve mastered touchscreen typing, obviously.

The romance is entirely child-friendly – smackers on the cheek is as raunchy as it gets. We suspect parents may have some fun after children have gone to bed by getting Tom to say inappropriate things, but from our diligent tests this morning, the characters play straight bats in reply.

Anyway, it’s a fun app showing how digital characters are evolving on smartphones and tablets. If your kids are crazy for Tom and friends, it’s well worth a look.

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