Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box app is a woozy treat

I’m supposed to be writing tonight, but there’s a big distraction: an iPad app called Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box by developer Cognable.

The £1.49 app was apparently created “for a group of teenagers with autism and significant intellectual disabilities” with the aim of providing “open-ended, language-free exploratory interactions”.

Without wishing to sound flippant, what this means is that when you touch the screen, pretty things happen with pretty sounds.

It’s rather beautiful, actually. You choose from 21 different scenes, each with their own visuals and sound. They’re called things like Love, Flowers, Glo Worms, Snowflakes and Volcano. The idea is that you experiment with taps, presses, swipes and other multi-touch gestures to see what happens.

I think it will appeal far beyond its target audience of teenagers with autism and intellectual disabilities. Toddlers will love it, for example, as well as their parents. Now, back to work…

(PS, it’s also available for Android devices).

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