Preserve your child’s pics with Art My Kid Made iPhone app

The best pictures our two sons have drawn or painted are, in traditional fashion, stuck on the fridge and kitchen cupboards. Meanwhile, a fraying pile of others is gathering dust on a living-room shelf, while even more have gone to the dustbin big black art gallery in the garden.

If only there was a way to digitise this, eh? Actually, there are a few, with iPhone app Art My Kid Made the latest. It’s a free app that taps into separate online storage service Evernote to preserve your children’s artwork for posterity.

The app gets you to enter your children and their ages, then take photos of individual pictures, which are then saved to Evernote. You can also choose to post the images on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the Art My Kid Made blog, which spotlights a different young artist every day.

It’s a nice idea, especially if you already use Evernote. There are other apps available with more of a within-family sharing focus, like FamJam for iPad. But we think Art My Kid Made is well worth a look.

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