Apps Playground’s August records: 10k readers and 22k pageviews

We’re pretty chuffed about Apps Playground’s growth in August 2012, so we thought we’d share it with you. The site saw new records in visitors and pageviews, as well as people actually clicking through to buy the apps we wrote about.

The stats? We got 10,664 unique visitors in August, up 60% compared to July. Pageviews for the month totalled 22,243, up 61%. More than 2,800 people clicked through to the App Store from our stories over the month, which was another record.

We’re not naive: this is still a small audience in the wider webby scheme of things, and there are a number of bigger blogs and sites writing about children’s apps. As you can see by some simple division of the numbers, a lot of people come, read a story then go away again.

But we’re excited about the growth, as it’s been fuelled by us – the two-person founding team – carving more time out of our day jobs to spend time on Apps Playground.

You may have noticed that: we wrote 72 posts in August, including our first full-length reviews (as opposed to news posts). Since the start of March 2012, in fact, we’ve written 291 posts on the site, which is a reflection of our increased effort, but also the way the children’s apps market is busying up.

Anyway, the growth so far has been exciting, so we’re planning to put even more welly behind Apps Playground to attract more new readers and get our existing ones coming back more often. Our weekly-roundup email newsletter – you can subscribe using the form at the top-right of this site – is part of that.

Plans for more reviews, ‘coming soon’ previews, interviews and hands-on videos are also afoot, and we’re thinking about how to include non-iOS platforms like Android, Windows 8 and LeapFrog’s LeapPad too.

We hope you enjoy the results! As ever, we welcome feedback on the site, whether it’s comments or tweets – we’re followable at @appsplayground – or emails (address details are here).

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