Rita The Lizard crawls colourfully onto the iPad

One of the storybook-apps that’s recently caught our eye for its bold, colourful illustration style is Rita The Lizard, which was released earlier this month by Irene Blasco Grau.

Based on an award-winning children’s book in Spain, it tells the tale of Rita, a young lizard who thinks she might be a chameleon like her uncle William.

The result is an app with 14 digital pages and more than 250 interactive elements: so lots of things to tap and explore while reading the story (or having it read to you).

As in many children’s book-apps nowadays, you can record your own voice reading the story – we find this is a popular feature when grandparents come to visit, with children press-ganging them into recording their readings for later listening.

The text comes in a choice of English, Spanish or Chinese. But really, this comes down to those illustrations, which are full of character. Rita The Lizard costs £1.99 on the App Store, and is iPad-only.

Here’s a video to whet your appetite:

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