Make alien stories with Ben 10 Comic Creator app

It’s great that there are lots of apps for children to read, watch and/or listen to stories, but we’re glad there are some to help them create stories too.

Ben 10 Comic Creator is a good example. Based on the popular TV show, it gets kids to make up their own Ben 10 stories as digital comic books.

The idea: you drag the various characters (including villains) and effects onto backgrounds, rotate, flip and zoom them to suit, and then read the resulting story.

“Features an amazingly simple interface that even dads can use,” claims its App Store listing. A good thing: we can see this being an app that children want to get their parents (yes, mums as well as dads) involved with.

Ben 10 Comic Creator costs £1.99 on the App Store, and is iPad-only. We also suspect it’s not available in the US – apologies to our American readers if that’s correct.

And if that’s not enough Ben 10-related creativity for your kids, check out Ben 10 Game Generator 3, which is a game that lets them create their own levels.

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