Playmobil Pirates are on iPhone and iPad (and they want your gold)

The Playmobil toys bring back plenty of memories for us, but now they could be creating new memories for your children on a touchscreen, thanks to Playmobil Pirates.

It’s an iPhone and iPad game from Gameloft, based on the popular plastic characters’ piratical division. The game sees you building a pirate camp, recruiting a crew of pirates, then sailing the high seas completing missions and looting treasure.

It looks very nice, as you’d expect from a company that makes its living making mobile games for all ages. The characters look just right, and the mini-games where you collect treasure are very well done.

But… Sorry, there’s a but. Playmobil Pirates is a ‘freemium’ game, meaning it’s free to play, but uses in-app purchases to buy gems in the game, which can then be used to buy items to help you.

We’ve checked, and they range from £1.49 for a ‘fistful’ of 200 gems to £69.99 for ‘The Red Dream’, which is 15,000 gems.

A £69.99 in-app purchase option in a game based on Playmobil? We’ll let you be the judge of whether that’s a good idea. Suffice to say, lock down your in-app purchase settings before your child plays – here’s our guide on how to do that.

Playmobil Pirates is a free download from the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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