Can this app teach your kids to play safe with your device?

We like the idea behind this app, which has been put together to help parents teach kids how to treat their device with the respect and care it needs, via a series of games and activities.

There are six different activities in all, including puzzles, drawing and tapping games. Four of these have different levels of difficulty, which will help to keep older children amused too.

There is also a parents’ section with some advice on how to manage your kids’ time on tablets and protect yourself (and them) from in app purchases (IAPs).

Our only criticism is that some of the activities are quite tricky – especially one where you have to tilt the tablet to ‘roll’ balls into holes – and these could be frustrating, particularly for younger children. But on the whole we think this app is good value for money and includes lots of useful information, which hopefully the kids will take in as they play!

Appy Tips & Tricks for Kids costs £0.69 on the Apps Store, and is suitable for all devices.

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