Leo’s Pad app gets more gravity in its third ‘appisode’

Appisode? Yes, that is a real word in 2013. A word being used by a company called Kidaptive for its Leo’s Pad: Preschool Kids Learning Series iPad app.

As we reported last year when it first launched, Leo’s Pad is a mixture of animation, interactivity and education based on the adventures of a young Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo and Marie Curie.

It’s free to download with one ‘appisode’ included, and you can pay for a second and now a third via in-app purchase at £1.99 a time.

The first two appisodes saw the characters building a telescope and a rocket, but this time round the focus is gravity, as Marie invents some flying belts before seeing her Question Lab float off into the sky (yes, there’s some flexibility with the historical details here!)

Your kids will be painting, flying and catching fireflies as part of the storyline, with Kidaptive promising that there’ll be 25 appisodes in all for the series.

Leo’s Pad is a free download on the App Store, for iPad-only.

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