Mindshapes’ My Story World app offers stories and creativity

Children’s developer Mindshapes is perhaps best known for its Magic Town virtual reading world, but now it’s trying something new called My Story World.

It shares some features with its predecessor: stories, and a subscription-based model that sees parents paying £3.99 for unlimited access to all its content for six months at a time.

The app is launching with 20 stories, and the promise of five new ones every week. But creativity is also higher in the mix this time round: drawing, painting and colouring tasks are embedded within the stories.

It looks like My Story World will have some of the same tales as Magic Town – Sid the Science Kid, Aliens Love Underpants and Winnie Under the Sea, for example.

It’s cheaper though: Magic Town used to cost £2.49 a month. Interestingly, that app doesn’t appear to be available on the App Store any more, so My Story World may be a relaunch to try to find a wider audience of parents and children.

Anyway, it’s worth a look. My Story World is a free download for iPad only.

2 thoughts on “Mindshapes’ My Story World app offers stories and creativity

  1. Terry says:

    I purchased my story world 6 months . It worked fine for a while but now the downloads say pending and will not complete. Help button also locked. Any tips?

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