Toonia Colourbook iPad colouring app has monsters, aliens and more

There are lots of rubbish digital-colouring apps available for iPad. Thankfully, Toonia Colourbook looks like one of the (good) needles in the App Store haystack.

It’s by the same developer as Toonia Storymaker, a creative app that we wrote about in March that encouraged children to make up their own stories. The new app gets them colouring in 24 pictures with their fingers and a set of virtual crayons, with multi-touch ensuring more than one child can play at once.

The results should be tidy, too, as the app stops your kids from going over the lines once they’ve put their finger on the screen to start painting a specific bit. UPDATE: since this post was written, the app has been updated so that you can turn off this ‘easy mode’ under Settings, allowing kids to go over the lines if they want to!

When finished, pictures can be emailed, saved to the camera roll, printed and/or posted to Twitter and Facebook by proud parents. You can also print out the original pictures for some real-world colouring, which is a nice touch.

The initial download with 24 pictures is free, but you can pay 69p via in-app purchase to unlock another 24, making 48 colouring pages in total. Expect monsters, aliens, robots, animals, trains, flowers and other images.

Toonia Colourbook is a free download on the App Store, for iPad-only.

One thought on “Toonia Colourbook iPad colouring app has monsters, aliens and more

  1. Anja says:

    Thank you for a review.

    I would like to let you know that we add a possibility of coloring over the lines in the latest update of Toonia Colorbook. You just open Settings, turn easy mode off and voila! 🙂

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