Hiiieee-yaaah! Kung Fu Robot kicks his way onto iPad

They had us at the title Kung Fu Robot, to be honest. But the developers of this ace iPad app sealed the deal with the first paragraph of their App Store listing:

“He’s the Unicycle Champion of the 3rd Northern District, the world record holder for “ice cream sandwiches eaten in one sitting,” the reigning champion of continuous nunchucking and once won a bronze medal for simultaneous stomach rubbing and head patting. Meet KUNG FU ROBOT.”

It’s marvellous: an “interactive comic book, designed to engage young readers” that’s initially available as a free download with three chapters – and more chapters to come that you’ll presumably pay for.

The comic-book bits see you swiping down the screen to read the story. That story being ‘Peanut Butter, Jelly & Kung Fu Sandwich’, which “blends a robot’s love of kung fu, his conscientious sidekick’s fear of getting in trouble, android ninjas, a crazy rooster bent on world domination and the pursuit for the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich into an engaging adventure for children of all ages”.

(Like we said: marvellous)

The soundtrack is excellent, and there’s a whack-a-ninja mini-game and a soundboard of kung-fu sound effects to play with too. We think kids aged eight-ish and upwards will love it. Actually, adults aged any-age-and-upwards will love it too.

Kung Fu Robot is a free download from the App Store, for iPad only. We’re already looking forward to the next story – “The Evil Kung Pow Chicken: Terror has a ‘Fowl’ new name…” – and not just because we can’t resist a good poultry pun…

Here’s our video of the app in action:

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