Geo-Me! iPad App Explores the Globe

We love apps that captivate a child’s imagination – and even more so when they are educational too. Geo-Me! is just such an app.

The first release by Crackerbox Studios, founded by former Dreamworks animator Ken Fountain, Geo-Me! was developed with a clear aim in mind: to inspire curiosity in kids,and encourage them to learn about the world around them.

Within the app, kids can touch any part of the globe to reveal characters who live there, and find out about their lives. If you allow the app to use your location, your kids can also see their own avatar on the map, and find out about the area they live in.

In addition to the endearing avatars and gorgeous animation, the other main plus of the app is the music. Kids can even create their own version of the catchy “Where I Am” theme tune by choosing their favourite characters.

We think this app is best suited to school-age kids, who are beginning to read independently – aged 6 and up.

Version 1 features six characters, and the developer promises that more will be added in updates. We think the app is great value for money.

Geo-Me! is for iPad only, and is available on the App Store, currently priced at 69p.

UPDATE: a free trial version of Geo-Me! is now also available on the App Store.

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