Leo’s Pad app gets an alphabetical spin-off: Leo’s Letters

We first wrote about the Leo’s Pad app last year, when it was launched by US developer Kidaptive. It offered a mix of stories and interactivity, with animation that wouldn’t look out of place on a much bigger screen.

Since then, it’s spawned several spin-off apps, including Leo’s Birthday Card Maker, Leo’s Colors and Leo’s Songs. Now they’ve been joined by another: Leo’s Letters.

The name hints strongly at the content: the alphabet. This app is all about children practising letter recognition and spelling of words with three, four or five letters, all within a starry-skied setting.

Leo’s Letters is a free download for iPhone and iPad on Apple’s App Store, with no in-app purchases. We’re guessing Kidaptive is hoping to make its money by promoting the main Leo’s Pad app.

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