Dictionary.com launching Learning to Read with Zoo Animals app

When we think of the Dictionary.com website we think of, well, an online dictionary. But now the site is getting into children’s apps with the release of iOS app Learning to Read with Zoo Animals.

The app launched yesterday before disappearing again. The app has now been launched, and does what it says on the tin: 50 animals with animations, audio pronunciations and definitions. The target audience is pre-schoolers and early school-age children, with the company saying it’s been “developed with educators and tested by kids”.

(As you’d hope, for an app of this type!)

The app uses a digital-sticker system to mark children’s progress through its catalogue of animals, from aardvarks to zebras. There’s also a built-in dashboard for parents to see how their kids are doing – an increasingly common feature for children’s apps in 2013.

Learning to Read with Zoo Animals costs £0.69 ($0.99) for iPhone and iPad on Apple’s App Store. Here’s a video demo:

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