Two new apps with 104 ideas to help keep kids amused – at home and on the move!

On a rainy day or a long journey, keeping kids amused can be a real challenge. 52 Cool Tricks for Kids and 52 Fun Things to do on the Plane each have lots of good ideas to help stave off cries of “I’m bored!”

From developer Oceanhouse Media (home of many great kids’ apps including the Dr Seuss collection), the apps are based on the decks of cards of the same name by Lynn Gordon, and the format transitions well to iPhone and iPad. Each app features 52 different ‘cards’ with ideas for things to do – the cards themselves don’t feature any interactivity, but your kids can email their favourites to friends.

Using items easy to find in the home – eg pennies, pencils and so on – the apps encourage ‘real world’ play, and we think kids of school age will enjoy showing off their new skills to their friends and family.

52 Cool Tricks for Kids and 52 Fun Things to do on the Plane are for iPad and iPhone, and are available on the App Store priced at £0.69 ($0.99) each .

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