Geography by Kids Discover iPad app explores the world


We’ve written about several of the Kids Discover apps this year: they offer an engaging and educational take on topics from Ancient Greece and Extreme Weather to Galaxies and Simple Machines.

Now there’s a new one that should have wide appeal: Kids Discover Geography. Released for iPad, developer Kids Discover promises to help children “take a trip through the hills, valleys, mountains, and rivers that make up the Earth’s diverse landscapes, and learn about the science behind time zones and the difference between latitude and longitude”.

As with the other apps, there’s a mixture of text, photos, animations, cartoons, videos and mini-games to get all this across, with the target age group being “Upper Elementary and Middle School” in US parlance, which by our reckoning is 9-14 year-olds, ish.

Geography by Kids Discover costs £2.49 / $3.99 for iPad on Apple’s App Store.

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