Toca Boca’s next app, Toca Lab, explores science for kids

Children’s apps developer Toca Boca has been on a real tear recently, with Toca Cars, Toca Mini and Toca Hair Salon Me all being released since September.

Is there time for one more new Toca Boca app before Christmas. Yes. Yes there is. It’s called Toca Lab, and it’ll be available this Thursday (12 December) for iPhone and iPad.

toca-labThe company tweeted the news today along with a demo video (above) showing an app based around a virtual science laboratory, complete with colourful goo to mix, electric apparatus to play with, and periodic table elements that have distinctly more… facial expressions than we remember from our Chemistry GCSE days.

Watch the video and let us know what you think. We’ll have a fuller story with first impressions on Thursday morning, when Toca Lab goes live on the App Store.

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