Duckie Deck Huff n’ Puff will blow your kids away


In a good way, obviously. The new app from children’s developer Duckie Deck is all about wind (not the bad kind) to make things happen on-screen.

It’s called Huff n’ Puff, and it gets them to blow near the microphone of the iPhone or iPad to affect what they’re watching. “Make crumbs disappear from the screen, blow out all the candles on a cake or inflate balloons,” as the App Store listing puts it.

Duckie Deck says it’s hoping to teach children about the “physical effects of wind and air” in a way that thankfully won’t leave bits and pieces strewn across the room, like if they tried in the real world – we’re remembering past ‘fun’ with glitter and sequins ruefully at this point…

All in all, there are 25 objects to blow at or into, so there is plenty of air-based exploration to be had for young and slightly-older children alike.

Duckie Deck Huff n’ Puff costs £0.69 for iPhone and iPad on Apple’s App Store, although that’s a launch discount, so get in quick if the app appeals.

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