Duckie Deck Trash Toys app is rubbish (in a good way!)


As parents, we’re definitely interested in explaining ecological / green concepts to our sons as early and engagingly as possible. The new app from Duckie Deck could help.

It’s called Duckie Deck Trash Toys, and is based on recycling. “Harness the potential of trash by using tossed-aside tidbits to produce creative toys,” explains its App Store listing.

“Trash Toys is a fun way to teach kids about upcycling, recycling, restoring and reusing materials that they find all around them.”

What that means is a virtual workshop, where your children build toys by putting pieces of rubbish together, then sprat-painting them and adding on eyes, hair and other (digital) objects.

It’s very playful and fun: this is absolutely not a dry, over-serious attempt to explain recycling to children. It feels like play rather than learning, which seems a very sensible approach.

Kids can save photos of the toys they create within the app, too: ideal for showing off to siblings, parents, grandparents and friends. But something we also like is the possibility that the app will inspire them to try reusing items in the real world too. Although you may need to watch out for your CD collection if they get over-keen!

Duckie Deck Trash Toys costs £0.69 for iPhone and iPad on Apple’s App Store.

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