Jurassic Go is like Pokémon Snap with dinosaurs

Imagine travelling down a river or around a crater taking photos of dinosaurs. Jurassic Go is a new kids’ app that imagines exactly that.

It’s the work of developer BebopBee, which previously made a similar game called Snapimals. Both games are influenced by Pokémon Snap, Nintendo’s much-loved ‘gotta snap ’em all’ Poképhotography game from 1999.

Jurassic Go

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of that: Jurassic Go is brilliant fun regardless. It puts children in the position of building and stocking their own dinosaur museum – with photographs of living specimens.

The game starts with you floating down a river, using one finger to swivel around looking at the scenery (and the dinosaurs within it) and another finger to tap to take a photograph when you spy a good shot.

At the end of the trip, you choose three of your best snaps and have them rated by the game’s Captain character, for possible inclusion in the museum.

The scoring system is quite deep actually: shots are rated out of 10 for their size, spot and angle, meaning there’s often an incentive to do better next time round, but a real sense of achievement when (as you can) get a perfect 10 rating.

There’s a lot more to Jurassic Go though: as you play the game, you unlock new locations – a crater, river and badlands – as well as more dinosaurs. You also build new parts for the museum, upgrade your camera lenses, and get items to tempt different reactions from the dinosaurs.

Here’s our video review showing how it all works:

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It’s a really fun game, even for parents to play – you can have fun alternating photography trips with your children. It might also spark your kids’ interest in taking pics in the real world, even if dinosaurs are a little thin on the ground in your town.

Jurassic Go – Dinosaur Snap Adventures costs £2.99 for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store, and it’s well worth that money given the depth and fun involved.

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