Rebuild the world with Artie’s Magic Pencil

There’s something rather marvellous about making pictures with shapes: from paint-splattered potato prints to Fuzzy-Felt scenes and sticker collages.

I suspect that children’s apps developer Minilab Studios agrees, because its new app – Artie’s Magic Pencil – takes its inspiration from a similar area.

Artie's Magic Pencil

“In a land where basic shapes are the building blocks, children can be the hero whilst learning how simple triangles, squares and circles come together to create everything they see around them, from a butterfly to a building, and a car to an ice cream shop,” explains its App Store listing.

Why do they need to be the hero though? That’s where a rampaging monster comes in, destroying everything in its path, which means a creative clean-up job for Artie.

This is part game and part educational app: the idea being that children are learning to draw and trace shapes as they rebuild the world.

“Kids can choose to play Artie’s Magic Pencil either by following the storyline through Artie’s world or by tapping the map in the top corner to return to, redraw and customize their favourite objects as many times as they wish,” explains Minilab.

Aimed at 3-6 year-olds, there’s plenty of fun to be had in this app, which is unstressful and relaxing. Minilab hopes that it’ll also teach children altruism and empathy, which could make it worth the price on its own for some parents!

We were big fans at Apps Playground of Minilab’s last app, the astronomy-themed Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System. Artie’s Magic Pencil is cut from the same cloth: well-crafted production values, and a good combination of education and entertainment.

Artie’s Magic Pencil costs £2.29 for iPhone and iPad from Apple’s App Store.

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